February 24, 2010

Mango Pickle Reposted

These days, I am only reposting my old posts for sending entries to blog events….and because of my personal issues, I could not able to spend much time for blogging. So please bare with me….and I promise will surely try to post new recipes soon.

And today I am reposting “Andhra Avakaya” along with some home remedies using Fenugreek Seeds to send my entry to COOKING WITH SEEDS – FENUGREEK SEEDS hosted by SE of Denufood and started by Priya of Priya’s Easy N Tasty recipes.

This mouth watering mango pickle is from very famous Andhra Cuisine….and we use Mustard powder and Fenugreek seeds as main and key ingredients for the flavor and taste.

Recipe source: My Mom


Raw Green Mango - 1 number
Mustard Powder - 4 tbsp
Red Chilli Powder - 4 tbsp
Salt - 3 tbsp
Methi seeds - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 1/2 cup


1. Wash and clean the Raw Mango. Wipe it with dry towel. and Cut them into small pieces..

Combine mustard powder, chillipowder, Dry roasted Methi seeds and salt.

Now add Mango pieces and mix well.

Now pour 1/4 cup of oil and mix it again.

Transfer this mixture into a clean, and dry air tight container.

Pour remaining oil and put the lid, put it in a dark and dry place for 48 hours. After 48 hours, open the lid and mix it well and serve.

Store it in dark place at room temperature. This pickle will be good for 15-30 days. Shelf time of this pickle depends on Mango. 


Treatment for Dandruff:

Sun dry Fenugreek seeds for 1 hour if possible, then make into a coarse powder, then soak it in regular water/ yogurt for overnight, next day apply this mixture to scalp, and wash your hair after 2 hours.
(Note: people with Cold, sinus problems, and running nose, better to avoid this treatment)

It also gives a nice shiny, silky look to your hair.

Treatment for Diabetic and Cholesterol:

For Lowering Cholesterol: A recommended remedy for lowering cholesterol is to take 2 ounces of Fenugreek seeds throughout the day. The seeds can be sprinkled onto prepared food, or they can be consumed with water if they are in capsule form.

For Diabetic Patients: A recommended home remedy for treating Type 2 diabetes is to consume 500mg of fenugreek twice daily.

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hemakrish said...

Me too Hyderabadi.Mango season started.I made Koru pachadi after
seeing your post.Today's pickle
is too good.Thank you.

Valli Datta said...

You are most welcome....hemakrish....and thank you for coming back and giving comments

Jyoti V said...

coming from Ec's budding blogger.. You got nice collection of recipes..

Very lovely pickles....

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

Wow, this manago pickle looks awesome..

Chitra said...

I love Andhra pickles! I am definitely going to try this one out. Thanks!

Valli Datta said...

@Jyothi and @A 2 Z thank you so much for the comments....

@chitra try it and let me know.....check another version of mango pickle too...

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