March 24, 2010

Sri Rama Navami Special

శ్రీ రామ నవమి శుభాకాంక్షలు

On Chaitra Sukla Navami (the ninth day of the bright half of Chaitra) 'Sree Ramanavami' is celebrated. Sree Rama was born on this day and years later on the same day Rama married Sita.  'Sree Sitarama Kalyana Mahotsavam' (wedding) will be performed in all Sita Rama Temples all over South India. 
The important celebrations on this day take place at Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh and Rameswaram in Tamilnadu.

In the Historic temple of Rama and Sita in Bhadrachalam, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh 'Kalyana Mahotsavam' (wedding) is performed with great tradition and Bhakti every year. On behalf of Andhra Pradesh Government, Chief Minister with his wife visits the Kalyana Mahotsavam and offers Pattu Clothes and Pearls as Talambralu (auspicious) to the God and Goddess. These celebrations from Bhadrachalam will be telecasted live in Doordarshan and All India Radio.

For Sree Ramanavami we offer Panakam (also known as Ramarasam), a popular festival drink and Vadapappu (soaked Moongdal), to Lord Rama, and after Kalyana Mahotsavam prasadam will be distributed.

And today in family we offer Tamarind Rice and Rice Kheer along with Panakam and Vadapappu to Lord Rama.

Tamarind Rice – A very auspicious yellow colored rice dish made of Rice, and seasoned with tamarind and other spices.

Rice Kheer (Paramannam) – A very common auspicious sweet dish made of Rice, Milk and Jaggery.
Rishi Vasistha Performed “Puthra Kamesti” yagnam and given this Paramannam to King Dasaratha as the Prasadam. As a result of this Yagnam and Prasadam King Dasaratha and Kousalya had a baby boy on the ninth day (Navami) of Chaithra Masa,at noon and named him Rama.



Water – 4 cups
Grated Jaggery – 3 tbsp
Crushed Pepper / Black Pepper Powder - 1 tsp
Cardamom Powder – 1 pinch


Mix thee jaggery with water and let it dissolve completely, and filter it and set aside.
Now add Crushed pepper, Cardamom powder and mix well and Offer to God.

Vada Pappu:


Split Moong Dal – 2 tbsp
Water – 1/4th cup


Wash and soak 2tbsp of Moong Dal in 1/4th cup of water for 30 Min and strain the water and offer to God.


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